Business Intelligence COE

With the InfoInsight BI Centers of Excellence, youhave the opportunity to develop a prototype that best addresses your specific requirements – and then test it. You see real results, and can be confident about the capabilities and performance of the eventual production application.

To help get you there, we offer the following services in its BI Centers of Excellence:

  • cup  Proof-of-concept and performance testing. Using your own data and applications based on your business requirements, you can see solution performance levels for yourself – before you buy.
  • cup  Best practices and lessons learned. Based on the number of large business intelligence performance projects InfoInsight has been involved with, your implementation will benefit from the experiences of others.
  • cup  Knowledge transfer. Working with our database experts, you will gain the skills necessary for the implementation and fine-tuning of your business intelligence system.
  • cup  Leading edge techniques. InfoInsight applies the latest technology innovations to help customers build better business intelligence solutions, suited to their unique requirements.
PHP Factory for Ecommerce Applications

Our PHP Center of excellence leverages latest technologies to provide our clients with business solutions across verticals, while simultaneously improving our execution effectiveness. This Center of excellence leverages technology, processes and people to:

  • cup  Provide reusable and repeatable IP
  • cup  Enhance tech readiness of delivery teams
  • cup  Provide an end-to-end de-risked delivery model

InfoInsight offers solution frameworks and application development around PHP technologies. We have strengthened our expertise in the PHP platform and this is demonstrated by dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE)'s for PHP technologies that focuses on building business solutions using existing and emerging technologies and standards. Set up across multiple development centers across the globe, the CoE comprises architects with expereice in PHP

  • cup  InfoInsight manages PHP projects for you spanning all verticals and geographies.
  • cup  InfoInsight has successfully executed projects using a wide array of open source technologies ranging open source solution customization to server and enterprise integration. The majority of projects are executed in the Software Application space to address your critical business problems.
  • cup  InfoInsight has a large, talented resource pool of developers, technical specialists and architects proficient on the PHP platform
Testing center of excellence

The Testing Center of Excellence (TCE) brings testing specialists to engagements, as required, to ensure the proper software testing techniques are applied on an engagement-by-engagement basis. How does a TCE accomplish that? By creating a group of testing specialists and technical testing components that can be used to leverage testing knowledge, technology, methodology and resources across suitable engagements. The TCE structure gives the testing effort the discipline required to supply the organization with an accurate answer to the question of how closely the constructed product meets the organizational requirements. This allows for informed decision making on the implementation and support of a product.

e-commerce and web design services
  • Flash web design
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • Web Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Flash Presentation
  • Data Processing

To be a globally respected organization that provides IT services, with the best people, processes and technology.